This episode showcases eight great podcasters I met while attending the 2021 Spark Media Conference for Christian podcasters.

What is the Spark Media Conference?

More specifically, the conference was called the Spark Christian Podcast Conference hosted by Spark Media Ventures. Many of us called it the Spark Media Conference for short. It was a gathering of Christian podcasters to network, share best practices, and learn basic and intermediate skills in podcasting. Even though Beyond the Rut has been around for almost six years at the time of this episode, there was a lot to learn from this event.

Spark Media Ventures was founded by Misty Phillip, host of By His Grace, and her husband Phillip. They consult other podcasters to form their business or show structure as well as the technical aspects that come with podcasting.

In between learning from the sessions offered throughout the 3-day event, I was able to connect with eight great podcasters and learn about their shows. This episode is about introducing them to you as you may have a need that is discussed by their shows and platforms.

Eight Great Podcasters Worth Following from the 2021 Spark Media Conference.


Eight Great Podcasters Worth Following

Rosie Makinney, Host of Fight for Love

Rosie won the Spark Media People’s Choice Award for Best Podcast. Her show is about helping women whose husbands struggle with pornography. We may think that pornography is not a big deal, or that it does not impact the spouse unless she makes something of it, however, there are some major truths overlooked when we take that mentality.  First, we ignore the human trafficking and abusive or violent elements of pornography. Second, bringing pornography into marriage creates a comparison game of the reality of our spouses and a distorted fantasy.

Paul Hastings, Host of Compelled

Paul was the Emcee of the conference so I was able to watch his positive spirit throughout the Spark Media Conference. His show, Compelled, is about sharing compelling stories from Christians. Stories cover a range of topics including overcoming abuse and neglect, living with chronic illnesses like cystic fibrosis, and surviving attempted murder. Paul took time in this conference to share his own compelling story briefly about how the stress of work was taking its toll on his family life and his own health. There was a pivot to take time off and put his family first that changed everything for him.

Elizabeth “Liz” Meyers, Host of Resilient Life Hacks

Also at ElizabethMeyers.Me

The host of Resilient Life Hacks, Elizabeth Meyers, was a gem discovery. Her show discusses how we can build resilience within ourselves through a variety of life hacks. The similarity was uncanny. Episodes are categorized into buckets that cover how to develop a strong mind, spirit, heart, will, body, and family. Sound familiar? Sounds like a guy I know who has talked about a show that helps people get unstuck in the areas of faith, family, fitness, finances, and future possibility. I’m looking forward to having Elizabeth on BtR in the future as a guest.

Michelle Watson, Co-Host of The Pantry Podcast

It was great to run into the Watsons during the week of the Spark Media Conference. Shea was filling the role of Super Dad with their 2-year old daughter who came along for the trip. Michelle had some time to jump and talk about the struggles with the spiritual and emotional baggage we may be holding onto, and how The Pantry Podcast helps people let go of that baggage. The Watsons also won the award for Best Podcast Graphic from Spark Media during this event, so there was reason to celebrate. I have had the pleasure of making SEO and social media improvements in the past few months thanks to insights from Michelle as well, so there is gratitude behind showcasing The Pantry Podcast in this way.

Nicholas Ruffin, Host of Vantage Point Podcast

Army veteran and host of Vantage Point Podcast, Nicholas Ruffin took home the Spark Media Conference People’s Choice Award for Best Male Podcast Host. It is often said that the way to succeed as an athlete comes down to mastering the fundamentals. Living a Christian life may seem overwhelming and daunting. We put a lot of focus on the “rules” of the religion rather than the practices of our faith. Vantage Point Podcast covers the basics of what it means to live a Christian life in practical ways. Most compelling in this conversation was the “Why?” behind Nicholas sharing his message with the world through podcasting.

Gloria Guadron, Host of Create Confidence (on

Life coach and podcaster Gloria Guadron helps people identify what is blocking their confidence from forming and how to move into what they want to become. We put pressure on ourselves to be perfect. Sometimes it is to the point of holding ourselves back from moving forward. One of the great themes throughout the Spark Media Conference was the message of hope for recovery, healing, and transformation. This show is no different. Gloria also hosts a Facebook Group called Christian Ladies Create Confidence.

Yvette Babs Walker, Host and Founder of Positively Joy

“Joy isn’t a feeling. It’s faith.” Like the Watsons, Yvette was someone I already knew through Christian Podcasters Association and Christian Podcasters Connect (on Clubhouse). Meeting her at the Spark Media Conference showed me how much of an influencer she is among other podcasters as well as her listeners. Positively Joy is a show and platform about choosing joy in your life. She was also the winner of the 2021 Spark Media Conference award for “Best Podcast Interview”, and you’ll see why when you take a listen to her show.

Cindy LeFavre Yorks, Host of His GPS for Your SOS

Every door leads to a new room. Cindy’s background in journalism and the publishing of three books about walking through and even avoiding the doors in our lives. Her show, His GPS for Your SOS, is about how you can navigate the challenges we face in life from a spiritual perspective. Her episodes are short and to-the-point. There is power in brevity, right?

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