Founders of Spark Media Ventures, Peter and Misty Phillip, share their story of raising a special needs child and starting a podcast media company.

Peter and Misty Phillip are the founders of Spark Media Ventures helping Christian podcasters glorify God through the technology of podcasting and the Internet.

Spark Media Ventures

Spark Media was founded by Peter and Misty Phillip based on their passion to leverage technology and share hope and encouragement with their audiences. What started as a platform to support Misty’s podcast, By His Grace, became a vehicle that helps hundreds of Christian podcasters.

Support provided by Spark Media includes consultation, a collective or network of like-minded podcasters, technical support for all those mics and wires, and marketing. 

The Spark Media annual conference provides a range of sessions for the beginner and even the expert podcaster to get better at the craft. Networking galore happens at these events, and all of it is meant to expand God’s glory through our podcasts.

In This Episode

  • How Peter and Misty first met
  • What role Christianity played in the early years of marriage
  • Raising a special-needs child
  • Home-schooling for the stay-at-home dad
  • Starting the By His Grace podcast
  • Launching Spark Media Ventures as a family
  • Starting the Spark Collective and Spark Media Network
  • Strategic partnerships as the secret to growth and success
  • Being a connector helps everyone grow
  • Piggybacking a conference on a larger conference

Misty Phillip

Misty Phillip is a podcaster, speaker, author, and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping you spark your soul message. She is the founder and host of By His Grace podcast, a show about inspiring you to overcome your struggles.

In 1999, Enron went out of business and Misty found herself out of a corporate job. She took this as an opportunity to homeschool her children, a connection that was strained by the demands of corporate life. The decision gave the Phillip family a new level of flexibility and depth. It was a blessing in disguise.

Her firm belief that we are better together is why she hosts a monthly Christian Mastermind meetup for local authors, speakers, podcasters, and entrepreneurs and currently serves as the Houston Connection Director for Christian Women in Media.

Peter Phillip

Peter has spent his career living by the servant leadership philosophy and serving clients as a trusted advisor in technology, strategy, and business improvement. Peter is the Chief Marketing Officer of Spark Media, including the Spark Collective, Spark Conferences, Spark Now Summit, and He is also the Executive Producer of the By His Grace Podcast.

Peter is an avid technologist and overseas Spark Media in all things technology-related. 

In his 20+ years of experience leading organizations in technology solutions, he has served nearly one hundred and fifty clients from startups to Fortune 5 companies across energy, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and consumer industries.

Resources and Links

You can learn more about Spark Media Ventures at SparkMedia.Ventures. You can get more information about the conference, collective of podcasters, and Spark Media magazine.

Misty’s podcast, By His Grace, is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more. Check it out if you’re looking for a show that inspires, uplifts, and gives you hope for second chances.

Download the transcript of this episode here.

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