Bill Hutcheson shares his experiences in marriage and ministry to show us how our marriages based on selfless love can drive purpose and passion.

About William “Bill” Hutcheson

We each have a selfless love story within us and within our own marriages. Bill Hutcheson combines his experiences working in ministry and counseling couples to help us get out of the insanity phase of marriage into a thriving relationship built on selfless love that drives both passion and purpose.

Bill Hutcheson knew as a young teen that he would serve. In early college days, he dreamt of being a psychiatrist or a clinical counselor. Mid-sophomore year, he began to wrestle with a call to ministry and assumed he would become a Christian counselor. After graduation, he entered seminary to pursue that passion.

His thirty-eight years of ministry to three congregations were marked by a love of preaching/teaching and an emphasis on helping couples strengthen their marriages.

His initial counseling interests led to the development of an effective and unique process for pre-marriage preparation. Instead of the typical thirty to sixty minutes of preparation from the pastor, Bill worked six to ten hours face-to-face with each couple. The couples also spent a couple of fun hours doing homework. His emphasis on the marriage, not the wedding, translated to equipping each couple with tools for the marriage road less traveled. Those tools were meant to help the couple build and repair the marriage according to God’s plan. Through unconditional love, happiness and purpose are both possible. We learn through this episode how it is real purpose in and through our marriage that will beget happiness. Happiness in itself is not enough.

In retirement, Bill coaches couples, leads retreats for couple groups, and speaks to congregations who desire happiness in marriage and seek to understand and adopt God’s intention for marriage.

Bill, his bride of forty plus years, Mary Beth, and Myrtle, their “Chiweenie” (a Chihuahua/dachshund mix) live in the beautiful Appalachian foothills of Dahlonega, Georgia. Their two daughters and sons-in-law have given them three terrific grandchildren.

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Resources and Links

Buy a copy of Bill’s book, Marriage Maximized: The Guide to a Purposeful and Passionate Relationship

You can learn more about Bill’s services as a marriage coach, retreats, and free resources such as his devotional for married couples, The Maximized Couples’ Devotional: The Guide to Growing Together in Christ for Others at

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How Married Couples Can Exercise Selfless Love and Make the World a Better Place – BtR 231

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