Podcast Answerman Cliff Ravenscraft has advised podcasters for years audio quality is important for listeners. Poor audio quality can be a deal killer unless the content is absolutely a don’t-miss.

Musician and entrepreneur, Chris Mann, decided to apply his skills in┬ádigitally mastering music audio to the┬ámedium of podcasting. We had the pleasure to be at the beginning stages of Chris’s endeavor. He edited episode 39 for us where we interviewed Marcia Upson from NaturallySlim.

He’s also done the edit and mastering for this episode.

Success Comes from Leveraging

This episode was one of those experiences where Jerry did not have to do much. Having someone master the audio quality and trim the show down to its meat meant that all that needed to be done was to listen to the show for the show notes.

A process that normally takes about four hours was cut in half!

If time is money and your podcast is meant to bring traffic and leads to your products or courses, then you will want to listen to what Chris has to say about Podshaper and leverage his service for your show.

You can spend your time focused on what you do best while he takes care of the audio quality for your show.

But Wait! There’s More!

Chris has upgraded the services offered by Podshaper since the recording of this episode. You’ll need to check out the variety of services that have expanded into intros, outros, promotional clips, and writing copy for your show notes!

“Make your boss’s job better.” – Brandon Cunningham


Podshaper.com, go check out the website and connect with Chris for your own podcasting project.


Shaping Podcasts With Podshaper Chris Mann – BtR 062
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