Monica Tanner is the host of On the Brighter Side, a show that focuses on healthy marriages.

About Monica Tanner

Monica Tanner is a wife and mother of 4 amazingly talented and wonderful children.  She was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, attended the University of Texas at Austin where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Child Development.

Monica applies her experience as a stay-at-home mom and small business owner of 15 years to help people succeed.  Her podcast and website with the same name, On the Brighter Side, is for anyone who is ready to achieve success in life, marriage, and business.  She discusses real-life lessons learned as well as interviewing others who are living their lives on the brighter side.

On the Brighter Side podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts and other podcast players.

Resources and Links

Download marriage resources, and podcast episodes from Monica Tanner at

Epic Marriage Conference coming in October 2020.

Brandon was interviewed by Monica Tanner on her show, On the Brighter Side. Click here to listen to that interview, Second Marriages and Blended Families with Brandon Cunningham.

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