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Top 10 Posts to Get Started

Check out the Top 10 Posts of Beyond the Rut to get you started with us.

How to Live a Fulfilling Life (Podcast Episode) – We have a discussion on how to live a fulfilling life through balancing the areas of faith, family, fitness, finances, and your outlook on future possibilities.

If You Only Have Five Years Left to Live (Podcast Episode) – If you only have five years to live, what would you do with that time? What is most important to you? Where would you go? What needs to be set up for your family’s future?

4 Reasons Why Men Should Keep a Journal and How to Start a Journal (Blog Post) – If you still think that you’re too tough to write in a journal, consider this. General Patton kept one.

The Power of Networking to Grow Your Dream with Eric Nevins (Podcast Episode) – Eric Nevins, the founder of the Christian Podcasters Association, discusses the power of networking to grow your dream into a reality.

Authentic Manhood, Sexual Brokenness and Other Struggles of a Christian Man – Traylor Lovvorn (Podcast Episode) – Traylor Lovvorn and Jerry discuss the struggles of a Christian man including sexual brokenness and how it all connects with authentic manhood.

Meg Glesener on the Secret to 31 Years of a Healthy Marriage (Podcast Episode) – Meg is a mother of eight children living in the state of Washington where she is married to her husband, Mike. Their 31 years of marriage can be chalked up as happy years. They have had their ups and downs as anyone else does, but they have also held firm to some guidelines or principles that have kept them going strong all these years.

Boost Your Career with the Reading Habit of Successful People (Podcast Episode) – The reading habit of successful people is the one thing that is easily achievable by any of us and Read to Lead Podcast host Jeff Brown shares why and how.

Llama Lounge Leadership Lessons from Two Military Careers (Podcast Episode) – Scott Greene and Joe Bogdan, founders of Llama Lounge Leadership, share their passion and story behind helping leaders apply lessons they picked up on leadership and resiliency in the Air Force.

American Idol’s William Hung is a Champion by Choice (Podcast Episode) – William Hung found his fame as a contestant on American Idol in 2004. Hung shares his story about turning an embarrassing defeat into a championship opportunity. His new book, Champion by Choice, shares his story and insights on how you can apply his lessons learned to create wins in your own life.

You Are Destined for Greatness with Shark Tank Contestant Sarah Nuse (Podcast Episode) – Sarah Nuse shares her story of turning a college side hustle called Tippi Toes into an international franchise, appearance on Shark Tank, and reminds you that you are destined for greatness!