Brandon and Jerry discuss with author and pastor, Mike Bullock, how to keep your marriage alive with a certain missing ingredient.

How to Improve Marriage Intimacy

You may know someone who is desperately in a marriage without passion and intimacy. That person may be you.

In Jerry’s years volunteering in a marriage ministry, plus Brandon’s and Mike’s experiences as pastors, have introduced them to many men who desperately want to know how to keep their marriages alive.

If you’re trying to figure out what makes a woman happy in marriage, this may be an episode worth your time. This episode offers up principles that work.

Mike discusses the challenges he faced growing up in an abusive home, and how meeting Angie introduced him to a world filled with an ingredient that had been missing in his life.

How to Keep Your Marriage Alive – Some Quick Tips

If you’ve read this far, then you’re definitely interested in finding out that recipe for a happy home. Listen to this episode and learn about a 30-day Challenge that will plant the seeds of intimacy, passion, and happiness back into your marriage. 

It won’t be enough to just listen this week. Save this episode and listen to it multiple times and commit to that 30-day Challenge towards your spouse. Let us know how things change, and tune in for episode 172 where we cover more practical tips to help your marriage thrive.

About Mike Bullock

Mike Bullock on how to keep your marriage aliveMike Bullock is a devoted husband to his beautiful wife, Angie and father to their amazing son, Zach. An imagineer at heart, he loves using his international award-winning material to provide creative learning programs to countless schools and public libraries. Mike has led and taught numerous groups, from young children to teenagers and adults. His own childhood wounds have driven him to passionately seek the protection and edification of the family unit.

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How to Keep Your Marriage Alive with This Missing Ingredient – BtR 171

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