Goals – Get Some!

Most people are demoralized year-after-year by the idea of making goals that won’t come to fruition. Many people who achieve success have clear, written goals. Let’s talk about how you can make your goals work for your own success.

Topics in This Episode

  • Key ingredient success, 1:55
  • Silver Linings: how you win even if you fail, 6:09
  • Set smaller steps you can win. How and why, 9:30
  • It’s okay to quit and cross things off your list, 13:28
  • What’s on tap for Beyond the Rut in 2018, 15:50
  • Jerry’s life plan – it’s too long, making a one-pager, 17:20

Resources and Links

We created a worksheet and tutorial to help you set your own goals with clarity. Go to BeyondTheRut.com/goals to download a free copy for your life’s success.

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It’s Your Life, Live Big by Josh Hinds

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How to Have Success with Your Goals – BtR 115
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