Taking the Fear Out of Dating and Marriage with Rob McPhillips – BtR 209

Rob McPhillips shows people how to manage their fears so they can build relationships where they can just be themselves and be loved for that.

Rob McPhillips

With three decades of experience as a therapist, coach, and psychologist, Rob McPhillips has researched and observed the outcomes of thousands of clients regarding the structure of happiness, self-esteem, and relationships.

People tend to choose fear over love, money over connection and status over meaning. Rather than continue in these ruts, Rob helps people find who they are and what they are looking for in a relationship. 

The Relationship GPS Project starts with self-acceptance and self-esteem then progresses into taking the fear, stress, and confusion out of dating and marriage.

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Listen to Rob’s podcast, Honest Talk About Heartbreak, Dating, and Relationships (Website, Apple Podcasts)

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RelationshipGPSProject.com (Book a call with Rob, or download a free guide to make relationships simpler for you.)


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