We may not be reaching the life we dream of living because we do not believe it can really happen. Create confidence with these mindset shifts to build that life.

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Create Confidence

There was a time when we were eager and enthusiastic that the world was our oyster. Over time, many factors chip away at our belief that anything is possible with enough determination and effort. Things like failure, broken relationships, being bullied, the stresses of work and life, and the comparison game all chip away at our self-esteem making us feel as if we are not worthy.

Gloria Guadron helps women build confidence in both their professional and personal lives. We bring her principles to the microphone with me bringing in a male perspective.

Gloria Guadron

Life coach and podcaster, Gloria Guadron, is a wife and mother who helps women grow in their sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and ultimately build the confidence needed for success in life and work. She brings a Christian perspective that every person is a creation in God and of equal worth in the eyes of God.

In This Episode

Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • Physical and mental health are intertwined
  • The stress of people-pleasing
  • What to do after you kick out the demons in your mindset
  • What are positive thoughts to embrace?
  • You are worthy. Your worth is set in the Christian perspective
  • We can control how we feel and respond to the world around us
  • Setting boundaries for ourselves creates freedom
  • Communicating with confidence and mutual respect
  • The difference between goals and desires
  • Leaning into truth of past successes to find the confidence you need
  • Building confidence from a parenting perspective

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Create Confidence with These Mindset Shifts – BtR 296
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