In Happier News After Living the Dream Became a Nightmare – Deanne Goodman BtR 194

In Happier News - Deanne Goodman

News reporter Deanne Goodman shares how she chose to focus on happier news after she realized her dream job had become a nightmare. When Living the Dream Became a Nightmare Being a journalist is a tough gig. Deanne hustled, and people noticed. Every day she submitted her five ideas for a story. It was when … Read more

BONUS – Join Us at Thunderdash 2019 – A 5K Mud Run in Texas

BtR Thunderdash

Brandon and Jerry invite you to join them in Comfort, Texas for a 5K mud run in Texas called Thunderdash. The race will be on September 28, 2019. $75 Entry Fee until 9/11/2019, the price goes up after that. Get an added savings when you use Promo Code: BEYONDTHERUT20 Register at What is a … Read more

Jerry’s Sci-Fi Keto Diet, the Importance of Rest, and Goal Management BtR 185

Keto Diet

Brandon and Jerry discuss the keto diet Jerry’s been on as well as the importance of rest and measuring your goals. The Importance of Getting Rest Rest plays a major role in our performance whether at home or at work. The Bible talks about working for six days then resting on the seventh. It even … Read more

Madison Radke Discusses Why You Should Eat Healthy at Work – BtR 177

eat healthy at work

This episode takes a look at how our diet impacts our performance at work and why we should eat healthy at work. Madison Radke Bio While a sophomore in college, Madison had hit a physical rut. She was not in the peak performance that she once was when she played high school basketball. The “College … Read more

Declutter Your Mind with These Lessons from Ultralight Backpacking

declutter your mind

Brandon and Jerry share lessons learned from ultralight backpacking on how to declutter your mind. “Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. You only have today. So, what are you going to do with it?” – Jerry Lessons from Ultralight Backpacking to Declutter Your Mind What is Ultralight Backpacking Many long-trail hikers, like those who hike the Appalachian Trail, … Read more

What the Covington Catholic High School Fiasco Taught Us About Emotional Triggers – BtR 163

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Brandon and Jerry discuss the impact that our unchecked emotional triggers in the world, in our relationships and in the workplace. Emotional Triggers Can Ignite a Furious Mob Mentality Jerry’s heart sank on January 19 when his wife shared with him a news story about a group of high school students who taunted a Native … Read more

The Revolve One Story and the Importance of Creativity – BtR 159

importance of creativity

Brother and sister duo, Rudy and Crystal Garcia, share their story about starting Revolve One podcast and the importance of creativity. The Importance of Creativity Rudy first reached out to his sister Crystal with the idea of a podcast that talked about marginalized topics. They wanted to discuss the types of things that were important … Read more

How a Survivor of Abuse Built a Thriving Life – Marian Bacol-Uba BtR 152

thriving life

Marian Bacol-Uba, the host of Thriver Lifestyle Podcast, shares her story of how a survivor of abuse built a thriving life. Survivor of Abuse The #MeToo Movement is one that has brought attention to a long, deeply rooted problem throughout societies across the globe, sexual assault and sexual abuse. We often think that we can … Read more

Rob Decker Surviving Suicide and Overcoming Drug Addiction – BtR 151

overcoming drug addiction

Fitness trainer and motivational speaker, Rob Decker, shares his experiences in surviving suicide and overcoming drug addiction. We want to first make the disclaimer that this is not an episode about how to overcome drug addiction on your own. Bad Relationships and Addictions Rob Decker’s struggle with drug and alcohol abuse did not start during … Read more

Putting Things in Perspective After Bypass Surgery – BtR 150

put things in perspective header image

Brandon shares his experiences before, during and after bypass surgery and how it has helped him put things in perspective. You may have noticed that shortly after Brandon returned from his Summer hiatus that he disappeared from a few episodes without much mention. That is because in a matter of a couple of weeks he … Read more

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