The Revolve One Story and the Importance of Creativity – BtR 159

importance of creativity

Brother and sister duo, Rudy and Crystal Garcia, share their story about starting Revolve One podcast and the importance of creativity. The Importance of Creativity Rudy first reached out to his sister Crystal with the idea of a podcast that talked about marginalized topics. They wanted to discuss the types of things that were important … Read more

How a Survivor of Abuse Built a Thriving Life – Marian Bacol-Uba BtR 152

thriving life

Marian Bacol-Uba, the host of Thriver Lifestyle Podcast, shares her story of how a survivor of abuse built a thriving life. Survivor of Abuse The #MeToo Movement is one that has brought attention to a long, deeply rooted problem throughout societies across the globe, sexual assault and sexual abuse. We often think that we can … Read more

Rob Decker Surviving Suicide and Overcoming Drug Addiction – BtR 151

overcoming drug addiction

Fitness trainer and motivational speaker, Rob Decker, shares his experiences in surviving suicide and overcoming drug addiction. We want to first make the disclaimer that this is not an episode about how to overcome drug addiction on your own. Bad Relationships and Addictions Rob Decker’s struggle with drug and alcohol abuse did not start during … Read more

Putting Things in Perspective After Bypass Surgery – BtR 150

put things in perspective header image

Brandon shares his experiences before, during and after bypass surgery and how it has helped him put things in perspective. You may have noticed that shortly after Brandon returned from his Summer hiatus that he disappeared from a few episodes without much mention. That is because in a matter of a couple of weeks he … Read more

How to be Successful in Business by Harnessing the Power of Words with Mary Shores – BtR 148

How to be Successful in Business

Woman entrepreneur, author, and accidental mentor, Mary Shores joins us on Beyond the Rut to share how to be successful in business by harnessing the power of words. It may seem oversimplified that if you know how to change your mindset and attitude you can succeed in your business venture, career goals, or some other … Read more

Morning Fitness Routines and Personal Quiet Time – BtR 146

Fitness Routines and Personal Quiet Time

There are two things most important to Brandon and Jerry in their daily morning routines, their quiet time alone with God and their fitness routines.

Brandon’s 5 a.m. Daily Morning Routine – BtR 145

5 a.m. daily morning routine

Same Time Different Daily Morning Routine It turns out that Jerry is not the only one on the Beyond the Rut team with a 5 a.m. daily morning routine! Similar to Jerry, Brandon finds time for prayer, journaling, and personal growth every morning starting at 5 a.m. Unlike Jerry, Brandon conducts a lot of his … Read more

How to Begin a Journal Writing Habit for Your Success – BtR 144


History is filled with men and women who practiced journaling for a variety of reasons. Brandon and Jerry discuss how to begin a journal as part of your journey to success. What is Journaling? Journaling is essentially a process of capturing your thoughts down into written form. Some people who keep a journal do so … Read more

Finding Balance and Other Insights from a Hiatus – BtR 143

Finding Balance

Finding Balance Finding balance is something many of us strive to achieve in our busy, stress-filled lives. Brandon and I cannot say definitely that we have created or found balanced lives. We can share that finding your balance means recognizing there are times when you need to take a step back, then there are times … Read more

Solo Hiking – Lessons Learned from My First Solo Backpacking Trip (a Rebroadcast) – BtR 141


Solo-Hiking by Jerry Every quest has a season where it feels like you are going it alone. That is synonymous with my first solo-hiking trip taken last summer. Texas heat scorches during the Summer. We joke about it being a dry heat, but I really don’t know why that matters. It’s still friggin’ hot! With … Read more