How Military Spouse Laura Pennington-Briggs Began a Successful Freelance Writing Business – BtR 196

Freelance Writing Business

Laura Pennington-Briggs was a military spouse who found her success by becoming a digital nomad running a successful freelance writing business. Becoming a Freelance Writer What can you do for your career when you’re a certified teacher and military spouse who moves every couple of years? In the case of Laura Pennington-Briggs, you leverage your … Read more

A Texas Creator Summit for Artists in Business – BtR 195

artists in business

Married couple Daniel and Meagan Benavides are helping artists in business succeed by hosting the first Texas Creator Summit in Corpus Christi. Helping Artists in Business The Texas Creator Summit will bring together owners of successful art businesses with the purpose of sharing best practices and ideas. Artists in business will share their stories about … Read more

What is the Rut You Help People Get Out Of? – BtR 191

Help People

Brandon and Jerry hear from podcasters fro Podcast Movement 2019 share what they do to help people get out of their ruts. What is the rut you help people get out of? People Are Stuck in a Rut? You Can Help Them. We all face a rut of some kind, and we all can use … Read more

Jody Maberry Reflects on Being a Small Business Owner in Podcasting – BtR 169

being a small business owner

Brandon and Jerry talk with podcast producer and marketing consultant Jody Maberry as he reflects on being a small business owner. How to Run a Podcast You may wonder how to run a podcast. Jody Maberry shares with us insights on how he has eight active podcasts at the time of this recording. The key … Read more

Adam Capes is Fundraising for Non-profits through Luxury Vacation Rentals – BtR 157

Adam Capes is on a mission fundraising for non-profits by creating meaningful vacation experiences. There are many fundraising companies out there trying to make a positive impact for charities and schools. None have done what Getaway-2-Give aims to do, and they definitely don’t deliver the kinds of money they do! Fundraising for Non-profits the Adam … Read more

Jim Sheils Shares How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur at Home – BtR 156

How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Do you wonder how to succeed as an entrepreneur and acheive a work-life balance? Maybe you find yourself working so hard on your business that you fear you are losing touch with your own family wondering if it is worth it at all. Jim Sheils is the “crazy glue” for families sharing how to succeed … Read more

How a Survivor of Abuse Built a Thriving Life – Marian Bacol-Uba BtR 152

thriving life

Marian Bacol-Uba, the host of Thriver Lifestyle Podcast, shares her story of how a survivor of abuse built a thriving life. Survivor of Abuse The #MeToo Movement is one that has brought attention to a long, deeply rooted problem throughout societies across the globe, sexual assault and sexual abuse. We often think that we can … Read more