How a Lawyer Momma of Six Helps Families Find Financial Independence – BtR 224

Wendy Mays, a mother of six children, shares her story of hanging up a solid career as a defense lawyer to help families find financial independence through House of FI. Wendy is a solidly GenX, 40-something, Momma of six. She considers herself a *mostly* retired criminal defense lawyer and spends most of her spare time … Read more

Leveraging Credit to Grow Your Small Business with Gerri Detweiler – BtR 222

Credit expert Gerri Detweiler discusses the pros and cons of leveraging credit to grow a small business and explains what a credit report is for small businesses. Who is Gerri Detweiler Credit expert Gerri Detweiler is the education director for Nav. She has more than three decades of experience in consumer credit education, has been … Read more

Making Child Care Business Adjustments During COVID-19 – BtR 217

Kainee Bram returns to share insights on how she has had to adjust her business during the COVID-19 quarantine, or shelter-in-place, order. Listen to how she has kept the business running and serving others in a safe and diligent manner. Kainee Bram Kainee Bram was the former Children’s Ministry Director for Church Unlimited a number … Read more

How to Adult with Money Featuring Dan Hinz – BtR 211

Dan Hinz talks about the top issue married couples fight about, money. His platform,, helps married and engaged couples get on the same page for financial harmony in matrimony. About 83% of non-retired Americans have some sort of debt. The average American household owes $15,355 in credit card debt ( The average American owes $47,712 in student loans … Read more

The Keto Eatery on Launching a Small Business with Sarah Martinez and Kari Betancourt – BtR 199

keto eatery

Best friends Sarah Martinez and Kari Betancourt share their story about launching a ketogenic diet-friendly business called The Keto Eatery. Resources and Links Follow The Keto Eatery on Facebook. The Keto Eatery is also on Instagram posting yummy pics of their tasty keto-friendly creations. Listen to Past Episodes of Beyond the Rut Jerry’s Sci-Fi Keto … Read more

Freelance Your Way to Freedom with Vincent Pugliese – BtR 197

freelance your way to freedom

Photographer, podcaster and business coach Vincent Pugliese shares how to freelance your way to freedom to build the life you want to live. Beyond Being a Freelance Photographer Vincent Pugliese had just won national recognition for his work in photography. His company said thank you with a whopping $960 before taxes. “You have a skill … Read more

How Military Spouse Laura Pennington-Briggs Began a Successful Freelance Writing Business – BtR 196

Freelance Writing Business

Laura Pennington-Briggs was a military spouse who found her success by becoming a digital nomad running a successful freelance writing business. Becoming a Freelance Writer What can you do for your career when you’re a certified teacher and military spouse who moves every couple of years? In the case of Laura Pennington-Briggs, you leverage your … Read more

A Texas Creator Summit for Artists in Business – BtR 195

artists in business

Married couple Daniel and Meagan Benavides are helping artists in business succeed by hosting the first Texas Creator Summit in Corpus Christi. Helping Artists in Business The Texas Creator Summit will bring together owners of successful art businesses with the purpose of sharing best practices and ideas. Artists in business will share their stories about … Read more

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