Tired of being tired?  So are we.  Your family and career will benefit from you getting healthy.

Most of us have tried and failed a million times.  We fail, get depressed, eat terrible to comfort ourselves, get inspired, re-commit, try for a few days/weeks, then fail again.

If you listen to everything the “experts” say about health, you’re likely in a constant state of confusion as to what is and is not healthy. Take a step back from all of that and consider some of the most basic, time tested practices that could have almost immediate benefits.

Your plan for getting healthy should be simple.  You don’t need to be a nutritional or fitness expert.  You just need to use a little common sense and take a small step…today!  A little habit leads to a little health, and little health will eventually lead to bigger habits and greater health.

This isn’t about losing weight; it’s about having energy for life!

BtR 007 – Tired of Being Tired (Physical Health)
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