Brandon and Jerry having fun with 73 questions during some downtime. This is why our guests shouldn’t stand us up during our recording sessions.

Why 73 Vogue-Style Questions?

We batch record our show. That means we come together once a month with interviews and topics lined up and spend the day recording all our raw audio. Our guests are great, and we appreciate the time they have committed to be on our show to share their insights with you.

There are times when something comes up and a guest needs to postpone. No big deal. The solution is to pull a topic from our growing list and have a discussion on that so we are getting the most out of our time together recording, and it gives us something to do until the next call.

Well, what if Brandon doesn’t feel like discussing any of the topics on our list? Jerry scoured the Web for ideas and came across a local group that recorded a 73 questions video. Brandon went for it, and here we are.

The session was recorded and we decided probably against our better judgment to share that recording with you.

Where Did We Pull These Questions?

The site Fred and Far had posted their variation of 73 Questions asked by Vogue in their interviews with some of their own added. Unfortunately, that original article seems to have been pulled. Feel free to check out Fred and Far’s website.

Hope you enjoy these 73 Vogue-style questions with Brandon. If you like it, maybe we’ll do something like this with Jerry.

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Behind the Scenes 73 Vogue-Style Questions with Brandon Cunningham – BtR 166
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