Where life takes you

Sometimes you plan and plan and the world says who cares about your plan. As Dave Ramsey says “life happens”.  We just had a category 4 hurricane and fortunately we were spared the worst of it. Just some leaves and rain. We had 5 dogs and 8 people in my house but no air conditioner … Read moreWhere life takes you

Time to PANIC!

Wasting Time in Fear Achieves Nothing

People who know me will tell you I don’t usually panic. Right now where I live we are 48 hours away from a category one hurricane hitting us. Now I am realistic and prepared but I will not panic. Mostly because I have planned and gone thru the checklist with my bride. She is a … Read moreTime to PANIC!

Shove Yourself

In Hebrew the word shove means to change direction. Go in another way and stop doing the wrong thing. In English we consider that word to have a negative meaning most of the time.  If we really consider it though we need someone to shove us sometimes. If we are about to get hit by … Read moreShove Yourself

What about today?

I am going to do something amazing. Something no one has ever done or will ever do again. Something no one thinks will happen including me. Until now. That’s right I am going to START!  Seems like a simple thing but for most of us it is the point we never get past. If we … Read moreWhat about today?

A Simply Southern Cottage Update from Sara McDaniel – BtR 100

Author of the blog Simply Southern Cottage, Sara McDaniel, is back for the third time. We figured that was the best way to celebrate our first triple digit episode. Her story is not just about a remodel of a home. It is about reclaiming and restoring one’s own life. Sara will share with you a … Read moreA Simply Southern Cottage Update from Sara McDaniel – BtR 100

Midlife: Use the Gifts You Were Given – BtR 099


Midlife is a time when we lose our hair, groan when we stand up and don’t quite have the spring in our step like we used to. Youth cannot be found again through the purchase of a sportscar or dating a younger woman. According to author and speaker Brene Brown, midlife is when the universe … Read moreMidlife: Use the Gifts You Were Given – BtR 099

The Push Through to Get Out of Your Rut – BtR 098

BtR 098 Header

We each have a barrier that holds us back. That barrier is probably the one thing that you need to push through to see the kind of life you dream of living. Brandon and Jerry continue the discussion on what those barriers can be and how to identify your “push-through”. Resources Eric Giuliani’s story of pruning … Read moreThe Push Through to Get Out of Your Rut – BtR 098